Uniquely suited for lifetime archiving. Preserve and protect your most precious files.

Digital Life

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in every aspect of our lives. Every day we create more and more digital memories which are stored on smart phones, computers, hard drives, social media and cloud accounts. We all have digital files that are just too important to lose; photographs of our wedding, videos our children walking for the first time or our business accounts and tax returns. But most people give little thought to how permanent these digital files are, or the unthinkable consequences of losing them.

Digital Storage

Losing digital files forever is very easy to do. We all know someone whose laptop or hard drive has failed and has lost everything or faced a big bill to recover their data. The problem is that most types of digital storage are not designed to last beyond five to ten years:

Hard Drives

Are perfect for day to day storage of lots of digital files. But a large number of mechanical parts mean they are susceptible to failure.

USB Drives

Make sharing and moving digital files easy. But they are very easy to lose and most flash chips can retain data for just ten years.

The Cloud

Means you can access what you need from any device anywhere in the world. But where is your data, will it always be there and who else can access it?

Only optical media is durable enough to protect your most valuable digital files and memories for the long term and Verbatim MDISC is the most durable of all. Verbatim MDISC combined with a 3-2-1 back up strategy is the complete solution to keep your digital life safe for ever.

Verbatim MDISC is uniquely suited to long term archiving in the following ways:


Data is engraved in a patented rock-like layer which resistant to heat and light, protecting it for many lifetimes


Optical discs have full backwards compatibility, the latest BDXL drives will play the first music CDs from the early 1980s. Optical drives will continue to develop for new technologies such as Ultra HD BluRay discs and even holographic discs, meaning you can be confident a compatible drive will be available if you need to recover your data from an MDISC


Verbatim MDISCs are "write once read many" and data cannot be accidentally erased


Unlike hard drives or tape based media, optical discs are not vulnerable to damage by magnetic fields

MDISC Product Range

Verbatim MDISC 100 GB Blu-ray Disc

Verbatim MDISC recordable 100 gigabyte discs are among the first super-capacity discs to be made available to consumers globally. Now large corporations, data libraries, universities, and home users all have access to huge capacity on a single instrument. With tri-layer technology, 100 gigabyte discs require a BD-XL Blu-ray writer to engrave successfully.

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Verbatim MDISC 25 GB Blu-ray Disc

Verbatim MDISC recordable 25 gigabyte discs are a favorite of professional photographers, videographers, and home users that have a large amount of data to archive. MDISC Blu-Ray insures that once-in-a-lifetime photograph, video, or special moment, will be preserved in pristine condition for your lifetime, and beyond.

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Verbatim MDISC 50 GB Blu-ray Disc

Verbatim MDISC Blu-Ray DL 50 gigabyte discs feature double layer recording technology allowing up to 50GB of storage on a single disc. MDISC Blu-Ray ensures that once-in-a-lifetime photographs, videos, or special moments, will be preserved in pristine condition for your lifetime, and beyond.

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