Verbatim MDISC
Lifetime Archival BD-R DL - 10 Pack Spindle


Verbatim MDISC is the new standard in digital storage designed to preserve and protect your files by engraving your information into a patented “rock-like” layer, resistant to light, temperature, and humidity.

Industry standard ISO/IEC 10995 tests carried out by Millenniata showed the expected mean lifetime of an MDISC DVD to be 1,332 years, with just 5% of discs showing signs of data loss after 667 years. Therefore the projected lifetime is expected to be several hundreds of years

This means whether you’re saving precious photographs, music libraries, medical documents, and more, you’ll have the reassurance of knowing it’s on a disc designed to last a lifetime.

Product Details

Part Number: 43847

Customise your disc - Printable

Verbatim printable discs feature a printable surface designed for use with your inkjet printer. These discs allow you to print whatever you wish on the surface of the disc.

Capacity: 50GB
Speed: 6x
Pack Style: 10 Pack Spindle
Disc Surface: Inkjet Printable
Print area: 22 - 118mm

MDISC BD R has to be written with an MDISC Ready BD-R burner and is readable by most current BD R drives.

Silver reflective layer for superior performance

Verbatim MDISC Lifetime Archival BD-R DL - 10 Pack Spindle


Part Number
43846 Verbatim MDISC Lifetime Archival BD-R DL- 5 Pack Jewel Case
43847 Verbatim MDISC Lifetime Archival BD-R DL - 10 Pack Spindle


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43847 Packshot side
BD R DL Backup

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GB = 1 billion bytes. Capacity available for storage will be less; device uses up to 10% of memory for formatting and other functions. See

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