Stansted Airport hotel makes huge savings with Verbatim LED lighting

  Posted on February 14, 2017

High-quality, long-lasting LED lights from Verbatim have helped the Radisson Blu at Stansted Airport to cut lighting costs by more than 75%

A major hotel at one of Britain’s busiest airports is making huge savings on energy and maintenance, while enjoying better quality of light – all thanks to LED lamps and downlights from Verbatim.

The Radisson Blu Stansted stands right on the doorstep of Stansted Airport, just three minutes’ walk from the check-in desks. With its 500 bedrooms and 26 meeting rooms, the hotel is popular with business travellers and holidaymakers, and hosts events ranging from conferences to weddings.

The hotel has been on an energy-saving drive for the past two years, as part of a major initiative by its owner, the Carlson Rezidor group, to slash energy use across all its properties by a quarter.

For its latest project, the Radisson Blu Stansted wanted to reduce its costs and carbon footprint for areas used for meetings and events. But it wanted to achieve this without compromising on the quality of light in these important areas.

The hotel worked with energy management consultancy SaveMoneyCutCarbon, who began by carrying out a full survey of the lighting in the meeting rooms, function suites, bars and breakout spaces.

The team identified the number and types of fittings installed, their power consumption and light output, the length of time for which they are on each day, and the amount of heat they produce.

Armed with this information, they were able to recommend replacements that would last longer and use far less energy, while providing the same or better quality light.

The hotel chose to use 195 LED lamps and downlights from Verbatim, which were installed on time and on budget by SaveMoneyCutCarbon.

Getting maintenance costs down meant selecting products that would last as long as possible without needing to be replaced. The Verbatim LED lamps offer a working life of 50,000 to 70,000 hours – the equivalent of more than 10 years, running for 12 hours a day.

The long life of the products compared to traditional halogen or fluorescent lights means that maintenance costs are drastically reduced, and the rooms always appear at their best, without failed lamps leaving dark spots in the ceiling.

Matt Burke, chief engineer at Radisson Blu Stansted, said: “The area being lit is large, and with so many fittings, there were always a number of failed bulbs. With the costs of using a scissor lift being high, maintenance sometimes had to wait to schedule replacements in a group.

‘The new Verbatim LED AR111s should mean that we can “fit and forget”, with the much longer working life of the lamps ensuring all the fittings are lit with no need to replace for many years.’

The hotel also wanted to have full control over dimming its new lights, so that it could tailor the lighting for each different event it hosts. The new LED lights fulfill this requirement to its full extent.

The lighting retrofit is one of a number of projects by SaveMoneyCutCarbon at the hotel which have slashed energy use and CO2 emissions by more than three-quarters, and reduced maintenance costs, saving the hotel £13,500 a year. The project will have paid for itself in just two years and 10 months.

Burke says the quality of light from the new fittings not only matches the old lighting, but is in fact ‘much better’.

Mark Sait, CEO of SaveMoneyCutCarbon, said the new lighting for the Essex Suite adds to the ‘strong record’ of energy savings at this hotel. ‘Lighting is not just about reducing energy use,’ said Sait. ‘The quality of light is crucial in a 24/7 hospitality environment. The Verbatim LED lamps ensured both great savings and excellent light.’

Dick Hoogerdijk, general manager of LED for the EUMEA region at Verbatim, said: ‘The Essex Suite at the Radisson Blu Stansted is a shining example of what can be achieved with excellent LED light sources combined with a reliable installation partner like SaveMoneyCutCarbon. Verbatim LED products are now the brand standard for Carlson Rezidor in the UK and Ireland, which is a big vote of confidence in our products.’


Verbatim LED products installed at Radisson Blu Stansted

  • 42 Verbatim AR111 triple lamps
  • 8 Verbatim AR111 quad lamps
  • 91 Verbatim 21W LED downlights
  • 24 Verbatim LED AR111 twin lamps
  • 3 Verbatim 2ft T8 LED tubes
  • 15 Verbatim 4ft T8 LED tubes
  • 12 Verbatim GU10s
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