Elegant, flicker-free ceiling light with indirect corona effect and anti-glare microprismatic diffuser

  Posted on June 7, 2017

Verbatim has launched an elegantly designed flicker-free LED ceiling light with a perfectly even light-emitting surface and indirect corona effect.  Its long lifetime (50,000 hrs, L70), excellent luminous efficacy, narrow binning and IP40 rating, which prevents ingress of insects and dust, make it an ideal general lighting solution to replace conventional fluorescent technology. Verbatim is also offering an anti-glare microprismatic version designed specifically for office applications as well as a DALI dimmable option.

A special feature of the new Verbatim ceiling light is its optional indirect corona or halo effect that makes the luminaire appear to “float” on the ceiling, smoothing the contrast between the light-emitting surface and the background or ceiling it is installed onto.  Conveniently, the corona effect can be added or removed at will by applying the covering magnetic clip system that is provided with the luminaire.  The ceiling light can also be suspended to create an elegant lighting feature.


Verbatim’s Vx-filter technology enriches lighting spectrum to render objects with exact colours  

  Posted on March 13, 2016

Using proprietary technology from its parent company, Mitsubishi Chemical, Verbatim introduces an innovative filter designed for use with its track lights, and GU10 and MR16 lamps to simultaneously boost the colour rendering index (CRI) and vividness of colours perceived.

Verbatim’s Vx-filter delivers precise changes to the spectral distribution curve of existing LED products to ensure that colours and finer details of objects appear as they would be perceived in natural daylight. This improvement in colour fidelity and vividness is a solution that is particularly useful for retailers, museums and hospitality venues in spaces where small differences in colour hues, tints and textures can have a significant impact.