Verbatim launches Fingerprint Secure Hard Drive with 256-bit Encryption

  Posted on June 17, 2019

The new Verbatim Fingerprint Secure Hard Drive uses a combination of AES 256-bit hardware encryption and biometric technology to seamlessly encrypt all data on the drive in real-time ensuring that any data saved on it is safe from unauthorised access if ever lost or stolen.  The external hard drive is quick and easy to use and is compliant with GDPR requirements as 100% of the drive is securely encrypted.

The built-in fingerprint recognition system in the Verbatim HDD allows access for up to eight authorised users and one administrator. Once set up, users can lock and unlock the device in seconds by just using their registered fingerprint.  The hard drive does not store passwords in the computer or system's volatile memory making it far more secure than software encryption.